Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Haunting and Spare Bones

My crafting day did not start out well.

I went to make one of these really cool chalkboard pumpkins with my brand new can of chalkboard paint and look what I found under the lid...
Nothing.  I tried putting on a cap from a different can, but it still didn't work and I was reduced to this...
Yes, I had to paint with a brush.  I know, it's a shame, but sometimes you have to resort to such things.

While my first coat was drying I decided to haunt up some birdhouses.

I started with a couple of Dollar Store birdhouses that I painted with my working can of black spray paint

Keeping with my music theme this year, decoupaged some sheet music onto the roofs, distressed the edges with ink and then spot sprayed some stone-effect spray paint onto the walls to make them look moldy.

Spray painted some cute little birds

Dug into my bone box, moss bag, and glitter bugs for embellishments. 
Did you know that not every household has these?  Hard to believe, I know.

 I added some glitter bats I'd made earlier too.

And now I can add these wonderful little birdhouses to my front room and see if the kids notice.
It's kind of a Mom-obsessed-with-Halloween game that we play when they come home from school. 

 Now I just need to clean-up...

Bad mom.  hee hee hee.  Don't tell the kids that I didn't clean up as I went!


  1. Bahahahaha! Your craft room looked like mine after I did my Halloween cards. I am totally lovin' the look of bird houses mixed with Halloween. Fabulous idea!

  2. Those look great! I *love* how you used skeleton pieces as part of the nest! I may need to add some bones to my birdcage. Thanks for linking up!

    - Megan

  3. Those birdhouses are fantastic! Love the sheet music roof cover.

    p.s. My entire house looks like your craft room.

  4. These are so cute! I might have to use this for next year. I'm a little too obsessed this year with Halloween decorations myself :)

  5. Just spotlighted this post. Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    :-) Sandra

  6. LOVE these haunted bird houses... Makes me want to go out and get a birdhouse and haunt it right now! I'm a new follower... found you on the Sawdust link party! Hope you'll swing by SewWoodsy!

  7. These are great! My favorite part is the bone in the birds beak... love it!

  8. Love the haunted birdhouses! I would have never thought of that. Great idea! I'm a new follower.


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