Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rubber Ducky Line-up

I was busy at a swim meet these past few days, so I haven't had a chance to do any crafting...bummer.

I did score some left-over heat winner prizes while I was at the meet...

Aren't they wonderful?!  What to do with them...hmmmmmm.  Any ideas?

p.s.  very embarrassed about the added spider webs and dirty window.  Part of my Halloween decor?

And I won something!

I won a giveaway on Craft Gossip.  I'd like to say, "I hate to brag...", but I can't because I am!  I never win stuff and I didn't even care what it was.  I'm going to display it like the sexy leg lamp the dad wins on "AChristmas Story."  I can tell my family is super jealous...they just won't admit it.

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