Friday, March 6, 2015

Drawing Lace

Home sick today
My puppy, Boo, has inspected my art supplies and approved them for rehabilitation.

I tend to be more of a tactile maker, but I enjoy sketching and watercolors, so I've been trying to incorporate a quick sketch into my daily practice.
Today's attempt: a mason jar covered in crochet lace with a plant cutting.

Lace is not easy to draw!  Especially when you're doing a quick sketch.  I started out trying to be perfect and the decided to just go for the look of a spidery lace.

Some other creations...

Hyacinth bulbs.  I like adding the color palette to the piece.  Makes it seem a bit more sketchy.

A whimsical interpretation of a lake nearby.  I sat out in the sunshine and had fun with my daughter on the day I did this.

Do you enjoy doing something your perhaps not so great at?  Then do it anyway!  Nothing wrong with enjoying your time and you sure won't get any better if you don't practice!

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