Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rustic Wire Quilt

 No needle required for this quilt!
 a square tomato cage (plant section), chicken wire, 18 & 20 gauge wires, wire cutter, wire pliers, and gloves (you'll want them...the wire is sharp!).   The original galvanized silver finish didn't show up well against my light colored house so faux-rusted it with a Rustoleum Natural Rust spray paint kit.  Kinda adds some steampunkiness to it too, which is a little more in my deco wheelhouse right now.

The inspiration was from the April/May issue of Mary Jane's Farm.  The instructions required making your own blocks using a square board as a template and then wiring them together. 

Always looking for a shortcut, I figured a pre-fab "quilt" like a tomato cage, trellis, or steer wire would be even faster and it was!

Spider block is my favorite!
I made the spider by cutting four pieces of wire, overlapping them to look like spider legs and then gluing them together with a GIANT blob of hot glue.  After the hot glue cooled I then wrapped it with wire.

This project is perfect for a non-perfectionist.
By nature it will be wonky and rustic.  Tomato cages may look square, but they aren't.
Wire tends to have a mind of it's own too, so go with it.  

Simple shapes are best.
Sharp corners are next to impossible so add a swirling (call it an artistic effect) and go for rounded corners.

And here's a bonus picture that I PicMonkey-ed with and just thought I'd share cuz' I just love it.
Aren't the shadows cool?


  1. Wonky and rustic has never looked better than with this awesome rustic wire quilt! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It's so brilliant and cleverly done!
    Thank you so much for sharing this stunning creation with us at SASPC!

    Claudia x

  2. It's cool and heavy metal, thank you so much for playing with us at SASPC! Kerstin

  3. Just found this wire quilt. Here are things I do with wire:


    Aren't they fun to make!


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