Friday, May 9, 2014

A Woodland Fairy Garden

Search Fairy Gardens on Pinterest and you'll fall in love.
And if you're a crafter, like me, you'll need to make one of your own.
I decided a woodland fairy was best for me and I happened have a rustic basket that a friend gave me for my birthday last year (filled with fabric)!
I lined the basket with weed cloth from DollarTree, Filled it with potting soil and then started to plan out where my fairy's house would be.
I planted the grounds with small mosses, clovers and succulents that I had already growing or purchased from the "steppables" section at our nursery.
 The wee little house is a 99cent wood birdhouse from Michael's that I covered with bark, moss and pinecone sections. 
I used either hot glue or E6000 for gluing, so that everything would be weatherproof.

 The garden path is made from wood buttons.
Mushrooms are made of Sculpey, dots are painted on with acrylic and then covered with varnish.
My fairy's art easel is made from twigs, her painting from a piece of basket and the painting itself is acrylic covered with varnish.

The bench is store-bought, but I did make a little cushion for fairy comfort.
The lamp is made with florist wire, moss, floral odds & ends, and acorn cap and a berry-bead.
Couldn't forget a ladder for easy access!

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