Friday, April 18, 2014

S.S. Edison

I love to steampunk.
 I created this miniature electric balloon for Sandee & Amelie's Steampunk Challenge.  
Transparent was the theme for March's challenge.
The cage for the electric balloon (lightbulb) is made of spare necklace chains that I cut and jump-ringed together,  Embellishments also include some junk jewelry I had.
The flag is free from PicMonkey.
I love that you can just click "create" to use their graphics for non-picture projects.
Gears were made from chipboard using my Silhouette and then embossed with copper and gold powders to give a metallic effect.
Basket to carry passengers is a a small black box that I painted black and cover with metallic edging that I got at Hobby Lobby not too long ago.

I have definitely caught the Steampunk bug!
I love the embossing, the metallic rubs, the macabre undertones, the metal, the gears...Oh! I love it all!

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