Monday, October 7, 2013

Finding Myself

Found this graffiti on one of the bathroom stalls in the Art Dept.
Yes, I did take a photo in a bathroom stall, but I've found that in an Art Dept. that's perfectly acceptable.  In fact, it's expected.

In earlier posts I've talked about learning to balance momhood, school and me.

It's finding the me and keeping the me that's the hard part.

I love art.
I tend to be a perfectionist.
I like to create and get crafty.
I like to do mom stuff.
I like to stalk my blog list and share my stuff on my blog.
I like to walk my dogs.
I like to sit in the sun.
I like having a "just me" goal.

This is my art/creative work lately
While I am using art supplies and stretching my creative muscles a bit, this is homework.  It's worksheets and it's being graded by Seth, my art prof.

I do need spend time doing stuff for Seth, but I also need to do stuff for me.

I'm going to start by cleaning this catastrophe up so I can have my space back.
It's not that I need a clean craft room to create--
I went through my existing art supplies and bought new ones for my classes in such a hurry that I've left myself no surface to create on.

After that I'm going to work on a schedule.
I'm using to the mom schedule which is essentially what everyone else needs done.
Now I'm going to fit a "me" square in there.

And in total non-sequitur form...
Have you seen these awesome napkins from Joann's?!!!
I'm thinking some decopage in my altered Halloween book? :)

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