Tuesday, July 16, 2013


...just felt like saying it three times.
Addie and I did camp out in the craft room this last week and
we even kicked a little 45 oz. bucket (#25) by creating some stamps
I got out a little Speedball kit that I picked up at a local art store months ago and sketched a teeny trailer to stampify.
The kit includes a carving tool with two  blades and a carving block.
It also includes instructions, but I skipped that.
The results...
I like my teeny trailer better than the big one, but the teeny one is wheel-free (it's a flier?).
The bird is legless because the carving block was too small to accommodate them and I don't know that I was willing to attempt skinny legs anyhow. 
Like wheels, legs can easily be drawn in.
 Addie made this sweet little flower and is wanting to go buy some more carving material already.

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  1. Love the bird stamp! When we were dating, hubby & I tried carving soap. Mine didn't come out so well, but we had so much fun! Looks like you did too!


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