Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outshining ICAD Box

I'm having mega fun with ICAD 2013!
Where to put all those precious little masterpieces?
I was thinking on that problem as I started to break down a popsicle box and it HIT me...
This Outshine box seemed to be about the right size to store a stack of index cards.
It would need some adjustments.
Measuring, thinking, gluing, and cutting would be involved.
Could I do it?
YES!! I did it!
I made ICAD storage with my Popsicle box!
Ignore the current embellishment--it needs more, but the box hasn't "spoken" to me and told me what that need is yet.
Wide enough for a stack of 61
Don't they just look right at home in
To keep things real (and proof)...
I didn't cover the bottom--hee hee hee!
Now I'm off to make another--We really like these bars, so I have many more boxes.
Creamy Coconut and Lime rule in my opinion.
I'll post some pictures on the how's and measurements tomorrow.
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