Monday, June 24, 2013

ICAD Line-Up

The Prompt Group

Prompt: Junk Mail
 Side One
Materials: I miniaturized a junk mail envelope and added a collage of items from even more junk .  The  mini "ICAD" is made with watercolors and a sharpie
Side Two
Upside down was not planned, but nobody's perfect :)

 Prompt: Summer
We've been attacked by mosquitoes lately.
I seriously doubt that I'm even close to graphically correct on the actual body of a mosquito--the stripes probably aren't realistic either, but who knows.

Prompt: Polka Dots
Materials: embossing powder, sharpie, gelli pen
yes, creative butt-kicking can be that easy!

 At this point I left prompts and started having fun experimenting with my art supplies.

The Gesso Group
Materials: gesso, paper towel,chalk ink, acrylic paint, lace, rubber stamps
Gesso stamping fun.
The round stamp on the left side was made by stamping INTO gesso already spread on the page.
The swirls on the left were made by stamping WITH gesso applied to the stamp.
I love the light, ethereal effect you get with gesso.

Same materials as above, but I wanted to see if the gesso stamping works with text and intricate stamps--it does!

The Modeling Paste Group
(and 45 oz. butt-kicker #6)

Here they are in their infancy, before experimentation.

 Watercolor background applied after modeling paste dried, Luminarte' irridescent powders applied to the modeling paste, sharpie used to outline the floral shapes and frame the card.
I don't really like the greens, but it was good to see how the colors worked together and to use the Luminarte'.

Spray alcohol inks were applied after the modeling paste dried.  I really like the way the ink colored the paste a bit, so I left it that way and outlined the floral shapes with white gelli pen.

Watercolor background applied after modeling paste dried.  Luminarte' powder applied with a waterbrush to the paste.  I finished it with  ink dots and a frame in black.

I hated the way this card turned out when I watercolored it and then even more after applying the luminarte', but then I continued to "work" the card and add the ink and now it's my favorite.
 The dots did it for me!

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  1. These are really terrific! Love the mini envelope and 'junk mail.' That mosquito really made me smile, and gorgeous florals!


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