Saturday, June 22, 2013

Colors of Summer: Hot Pink and Tangerine

I have been having fun with my supplies this week.
I started "Go Green" with Rae Missigman   --a class in the 21 Secrets Workshop series.
At first I didn't think I'd like the class too much since Rae's style isn't quite mine, but I decided to give it a shot.  As soon as I saw her flinging gesso all over the place, I couldn't stop myself from rushing to my art room!
Actually...I fling.  Rae is incredibly neat and doesn't get gesso or paint on her glass table or herself  (I think she might be magic).  I got gesso, paint, ink, and chalk on my work table, my shirt, my belt, hair and in my nails.
I started working in a box lid because I was so messy.
I decided to combine this journal project with this week's Summer of Color 3 Challenge at twinkle, twinkle.
A Journal Cover in hot pink and tangerine with LOTS of gesso!
I've been experimenting with gesso stamping too.
Just paint gesso on your stamp and press--the effect is much more texture and is lighter than using ink.  Be sure to rinse your stamps right away--do not let the gesso dry on them.
Rae uses paper towels for her layering to give the cover a multilayered, grungy-chic effect.
I went with paper doilies--they're are much harder to layer, but I like the lacey look.
Confession:  I'm still finishing the cover.
  Up next is embellishments and packing in the pages.  I'll be sure to share!


  1. Ohh so beautiful!!. I LOVE stamping with gesso, practically on just anything, really!. Hugs.

  2. I absolutely love how you used the doilies here! I have tried the paper towel technique when I took an art journal class and loved it. Now I have to try your technique, too, along with Gesso stamping! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I think your page is so, so beautiful!!!!!

  3. The cover is really lovely - subtle and soft and curvy.

  4. Very pretty and I am intrigued by the challenge blog and the class series you discus. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I'm your newest follower : ) So nice to meet you. I've been wanting to play in Gesso for a long time now.Maybe next time I buy craft goodies.Your journal cover looks fun to do and so pretty-Denise

  6. It has a beautiful softness to it! Lovely!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Your cover is so elegant and feminine and I TOTALLY LOVE Gesso stamping. Have you tried it in relief too? I bet you have - gotta love Gesso! Thank you for playing, xoxo


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