Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Room's Clean & I'm Back With A Booker

A Year in the Life Art Journal Challenge
Week One: One Word
BOOKERS: Use watercolors on your page to emulate your word... (if you don't have water colors, watered down acrylic paint will do just fine.) use color to convey that word and what it means to you. While your paint is WET, sprinkle salt on it, and let it sit. When your paint is dry, brush off the salt.
Can you see the Caffeine Atom in there?
I actually took some time out from cleaning and did this last week.
I was waiting for some sunlight to take a picture and post.
Alas, I had to settle for the flash on my camera.
You can check out my mug shot for this challenge here


  1. Tabitha:

    I do see Caffeine Atom!! I wanted to Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comments - best wishes in winning the blog candy - I appreciate you stopping by - and I hope you had fun doing the happy dance too! Please enjoy your weekend - both of you - you and your lovely daughter! Enjoy your crafting too! God Bless you both! Come back again when you get a chance! I am a new follower! Gail Scott


  2. Very cool! (yes, I see the atom - funny detail!)
    My word for 2013 is ENJOY, and right now I'm enjoying your blog :-)


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