Monday, December 3, 2012

Making Snow

The two oldest are gone
so advent is a little quieter this year.
Day One, Addie was way at a swim meet so, no advent.
Day Two, we decided to make it snow!
Dollar Store snowflakes hung with transparent thread
Usually we have snow by now!
Now we can pretend when we look out the windows.
It's hard to get into the Christmas mood it's green and sunny (still cold, though)!

Advent Tonight:
It's National Hot Cocoa Day according to Family Fun Magazine, so we're going to make some stove top cocoa, add marshmallows, whip cream, chocolate sprinkles and maybe even bake a few cookies.

In crafting news:
I finished my cake boxes...ugh!
I'm not a cake box artist!
This is me working :)
I'll share pictures next week after my partners receive theirs.

I'm almost done with my December Daily!
A little organization and narrowing down helped. 

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