Monday, October 29, 2012

Graveyard Beautification Committee

I'm a little late to the party, but I'm still partying!
Believe it or not, I was busy decorating Xmas trees all day--really weird!
I decided to redo a Pumpkin Graveyard that I made several years ago.
Good idea, but kinda boring.
(Hop on over HERE to see my Pumpkin Graveyard Tutorial)
I found a small set of Halloween lights at Craft Warehouse for only $2.99.
Plug-in worked best for me, but they also had some battery operated sets.
I took all the stuff out of the inside and then prepared to install my lights.
20 holes with a drill.
You could use an exacto knife if you don't have a drill, but be careful
What a mess?!
It's okay...I'll cover that with spiderwebbing

 To va-voom up the outside I cut some curlie whirlies out of contact paper with my Big Shot and some Tim Holz dies.
 MUCH better!
Almost forgot...I added some purple glitter to the inside for more color and a hanging skeleton from the tree. 
Why have a tree in a graveyard if no one's hanging from it!?


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