Monday, October 1, 2012

Dream Travel

Yesterday when I said that iHanna & DaisyYellow posted new list prompts every Tuesday
I really meant Saturday.
That makes today list day--time to get out my new Benefit List Journal!
Materials: Micron05 black pen (liking it better than the Smash of Pitt), Artists Loft dual tips pens (not liking the colors or the tips), American Crafts Memory Markers (so far, my fave)
Conclusion Drawn: I believe whole-heartedly that Dr. Seuss was correct when he said that I would go many places--Oh, the places he said I'd go!  I need/want/desire/dream to live up to that!


  1. Lovely pink list making Tabitha! Thanks for sharing, I hope you'll go visit these places one day! :-)

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