Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chickens As Pillows

September 12th was my mom's 66th Birthday!
I purchased a 2lb. box of See's Chocolates (always a winner)
Assorted Chocolates
image from See's-you can order online too!
and accompanied those with two 12" pillows made from some left-over quilt blocks I had
Brrright little hens!
The pattern is from Buggy Barn Quilts located here in WA State.
Chickens in the sun
The hen blocks pattern, "Barn Chicks", is from Buggy Barn's Certifiably Crazy pattern book that includes 8 quilt patterns using their "crazy" method.
I love their "Crazy" patterns! It's sort of a stack n' whack method, but with cool designs.
They are great for a first time piecer/quilter as there's lots of room for error change.
Quality check by Bo

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