Friday, February 17, 2012

Grey Day Tea & Journaling

Cloudy and snowing here.
(Check out that green onion growth!)

Drinking mint tea, entering Someday Crafts Linky giveaways...maybe I'll journal a bit in my homemade "Mini Smash"

I bought a bunch of Camp Autographs on sale at Oriental Trading for about 12cents apiece several months ago.  They were cute if your camping, but they needed a redo for home use.

   Rainbow colored pages :)--keep   
Guts--Remove, then glue back in after redoing cover

I've found this small size is perfect for me.
AND...I'd love to share some of my pages with you, BUT my camera is beeping at me and I think it's saying that the battery is dead. just turned off, so that must be it.

My camera was munched by the EVA Air Hello Kitty airplane I went to Indonesia on. 
It still takes pictures, but I can't see the digital image (or even the viewer), can't adjust the flash, and can't tell what the settings are.

Birthday present idea?  hint hint hint!

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  1. Love the photo of your kitty in the window and what a great idea with the little books!


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