Saturday, January 14, 2012

My first Crochet Along

Signing up late, but still signing up (Sarah says that okay).

Wool Eater Wednesdays you share your progress, BUT you can work at your own pace or even catch-up like I will be doing.

According to Sarah, this CAL will eat lots of left-over yarn. 
My yarn storage could use some eating!

BTW...I'll be eating acrylic. 
I'm a commoner and a cheapo and I have kids and I have dogs.
I don't buy the really lovely, expensive, natural fiber yarns for my projects.
Sometimes I find wool, linen and mohair when I'm out thrifting, but never enough for a large project.

My favorite acrylics are Hobby Lobby's I love this yarn...
I made Kaely's blanket out of it.
Vanna's Choice from Lion Brand
Kaely's Cowl

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  1. I love the CAL squares! What a beautiful design. Thanks for sharing :)


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