Saturday, January 7, 2012

Magazine Love

I think I love this magazine
Don't know what's inside, but all the UK-ers are gushing over it and it the cover is very enticing.
An oversees subscription is only 66 pounds--a mere $101 US.
Sooooo....that won't be happening.
They do have a blog/website... Mollie Makes
You get to see a few really cute fabrics and patterns.
You can also download the templates from the mags--might be able to piece something together from that.
I just, just, just discovered that they have ecopies available on Zinio!
About $6.50 each--that I can do. 
Very excited....See ya!

You can even get a Zinio subscription of Mollie Makes for about $50.
B-day Wish List? :)

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