Monday, December 5, 2011

Thank Yous

I'm a winner!

I feel like Mr. Rogers is standing right behind me cheering me on because, yes, I am a winner...but I also WON some awesome prizes :)

This toile bag is FILLED with handmade soaps and natural cleaning products from Castle & Cottage.  I am so excited to try these!

We've done some switching to homemade detergents in our house and they are wonderful. 
Natural detergents are safer to use, they smell real great, you feel cleaner and they are really more effective.

Mom Tip:  My teen, hair-obsessed daughter has problems with exema on her scalp this time of year.  I finally talked her into rinsing with white vinegar after shampooing.  Works like a charm!  Her hair doesn't smell (she was very worried about this) and her scalp has stopped peeling and itching.  In fact, she said it was very soothing.

Martha, Martha, Martha Glitter Pack form Sunny Vanilla

Perfect for ANYTIME. 
Addie and I are both a bit glitter obsessed, so an entire pack of  Glittery Martha is always a treat!

I have no mom tip for glitter.  It's messy.  Love it and your children for who they are not how clean (Addie wouldn't be loved at all if I only loved her for her cleanliness!)

Thank You so much Ladies!!! What a wonderful way to start the week.
And thanks for "being my neighbor" :)
I just love Mr. Rogers --I'll bet even he is messy with glitter!

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  1. I hope you've received your giveaway gift from Under the Willow!

    Happy Holidays!


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