Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Helping Santa

Joel's work sponsors a Community Gift Program for kids in need. 
More kids this year were signed up and fewer people are able to help.  Can't have kids without presents at Christmas so Joel and I took two kids and my mom happily signed up for two.

It was conditional though...
I had to wrap.  My mom hates wrapping, so me and Blaze the kitten have been wading through wrapping paper all morning.

Totally worth it--I hope the kiddos have a blast ripping the paper off and throwing ribbon all over the place!
I hate having to put giant number tags on the presents, though.  I completely understand why it has to be done (kids remaining anonymous and getting the right presents to the right kids is VERY important), but I don't want the kids to feel like they're a number.
My plea:  if you volunteer or work for an organization that distributes gifts, etc. , please be sure to remove the ugly number tags before giving them to the families. Thank you!

With older kids who only want stupid things like make-up and shoes it's so fun to buy toys...
Like this! 
 My little girl likes Dora, fairies and dress up! 

Mom and I also got to shop for trucks, baby outfits, more princess dress-up. 
If you're starting to get all depressed about the holidays being nothing but SPEND!BUY!SPEND! then give yourself a little pick-me-up and SPEND!BUY!SPEND! on a little kid who needs a little Christmas boost.

Thanks for helping Mom, even if you are pathetic about wrapping the presents yourself!

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