Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

I won Brassy Apple's Q-tip Giveaway
2 Travel packs and a $25 gift certificate :)

She  made these cute little snowflakes using Q-tips, glitter and Epsom salts


I also won Cute Like Me's Scentsy Plug-In Giveaway from Kelsey Hutchinson

I chose the Rustic Star Warmer for Addie (she's jealous of mine)
I've had a streak of luck lately, so "Lucky Kluckingbear" will be giving some presents to the kiddos this year too.

Thank you Brassy Apple, Q-tips, Cute Like Me, and Kelsey!
You want to win prizes too?
Check out these sites...

She uses Rafflecopter--entering is VERY easy

A Linky for giveaways all over blogland!

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