Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not Quite as Quick, but Easier and Just as Spooky!

I'm sure you've seen those Halloween Vintage-look Photographs that change into a monster or skeleton when you walk past.  Very gruesome, spooky and expensive.  Those suckers run about $40 for a small at a Halloween storse and specialty catalogues.


You can go to the Dollar Tree and pick up a cheapy for a dollar, go through you picture frame  and fabric or paper stash and make your own.
First step:
Cut off the ugly, fake-looking black and gold plastic frame off the spooky photo.  Sometimes the photo just pops off, but be careful not to bend it.

Gather up your frame--it can even be too big for the picture.

Step Two:
Cover the excess the cardboard backing of the frame with a spooky/vintage look fabric or paper. 
I used some sticky back brown velvet for this frame.

Step Three:
Add your Dollar Tree Photo.
I like to use photo corners to add to the vintage look.

You've got yourself a spooky, Halloweeny, ghoulish, yet fashionably inexpensive vintage photo for your decor.


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