Friday, April 22, 2011

Just a teensy bit worried about the Easter Bunny

My nephew, Michael, was sick yesterday so he got to come over to Aunt Taba's

He's a comic book fanatic and loves to draw.  When he asked me if I'd post his drawings on my blog I, of course agreed, but I did request he do something Easter-ish.

Cuz that'll be cute, right? Says the mother of three lovely daughters.

Turns out the Easter Bunny and his pals have been quite busy lately fighting off the Christmas penguins.  Who knew that licorice sticks and candy eggs could be used as weapons.

Or that Peeps actually made a line of tanks.

Or that bunnies serve as paratroopers.

I guess they're looking for recruits.

My Easter village is under seige! I hope the Easter Bunny and his troops will save it!

Love you, Michael! ~Aunt Taba

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