Friday, February 18, 2011

I need some pretty

It's been all about snot and puke here this last week.  At home, at Fred Meyer (they were very nice about it) .
Finally, it's a sunny day, the snotter/puker is back in school and I'm sitting here not knowing what to do. 

Upon reflection...I need some pretty and I need to pop some from my very own soul (I've been watching "Dead Like Me"--love it!)

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I'm doing an e-course ! Four journaling, artsy classes offered by Hope Wallace Karney, Lisa McIlvain,   Lenna Young Andrews and Lisa Green.
I do admire them, but I'm not a scrapbooker and I'm not one to write pages and pages of reflection in a journal each day.

 I do like to doodle a bit, I find bits and pieces of things that I want to keep for no apparent reason other than that they please me, and I wouldn't mind jotting down a few things about my day.  So I'm going to try art journaling.

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I'm starting with Hope Wallace Karney's Nostalgic Musings e-course.  $28 online, work-at-your-own-pace, available anytime, beginner's journaling course.  It includes assignments with prompts, resources for supplies, technique instruction, links, and a Flickr group.

I'm already nervous.  Silly me.  I have to find a journal and I was worried about what to get...until I read my assignment and looked at the resource page talking about different kinds of journals, how to make your own, etc. 

Gonna make my own.  I can do this!  Graphics Fairy & Just Something I Made  look out because I'm going to be doing some major freebie downloading!

hee hee hee...I just did spellcheck.  "Snotter" and "puker" aren't words?  Spellcheck obviously doesn't have kids!

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