Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SNOW*Coning It!

Last night we had lots of homework, Joel was coming home later than usual (due to snow on the pass), and Alyssa was coming over to study for her Chem Final. 

I needed a quick, but fun, advent activity.  I found it at UCreate guest post by The Idea Room
Shouldn't be too surprising that I already had all the syrups, cones, straws, and even the cute little cone holders from summer clearance at Bi-Mart.  I think syrups are good for 200+ years.

Even though the event was packed with jokes about pre-flavored, lemon-lime snow, etc.; it was a blast!  We used freshly fallen snow so it was as clean as the NW can provide.

Dad even went with a two-flavored!

And it's so nice to have all three of my girly-girls in the house!

P.S.  This morning I found Tetsu, "our" hawk that visits each winter is back too!
Maybe he wants a snow-cone. 

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