Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the Holidays!

I have just this moment (well, maybe a few minutes earlier) realized that it's the holidays and I'm happy about it.  It's not time to make every project ever made and impress all my friends.  It's time to have fun.

Last night the kids made sugar cube houses.  Kaely had her hair wrapped in a towel and her make-up was all goobered up, so she was trying to hide and Addie was laughing at her.

When you do that, you get this...

It's my duty as a mom to do such things.  Keeps 'em humble.

I got a little gift in the mail yesterday! 
I won these from Momsreview4You.  They're Eye Candy Coolers

At first I thought they were kinda silly, but they're actually kinda neat.  They really do cool your wee little eye lids after a hard day.

So why did I find them here?
Little Elf maybe?

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