Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Mom~Not So Good Mom (depending on who you ask)!

Good Mom...

Finished another Martha Cowl while watching Dexter last night. 
That's how easy and fast they are!
I don't even know what yarn I used because there was no label.  Just chain out to 60" and start doing half-double crochets, chain 1 net stitch until you run out.  Wahlah...cowl. Edit from my husband: "Voila...cowl".  I think when you make it while watching a tv show about a serial killer and you feed your kids sugar cereal for craft purposes you can say, "wahlah", though.

Bad Mom (the kid's are happy, though)...

Nothing like processed sugar nuggets to start the day.  When mom needs little cereal boxes to make these little houses from Inspired Ideas, then EVERYONE has to make sacrifices!  Craft first in this house!

As I ran out past all my dying plants to warm up my car and scrape the ice off the windows look what I found...

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