Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why would my life be better with a serger?

Sew, Mama, Sew is giving away a serger.  A Husqvarna Viking serger.  A fabulously, awesome, wonderful machine that would be so incredibly mind-blowing to win.  Yes, a Husqvarna Viking serger.  Giving it away. Yep.

They just want to know why a serger would make my life better.  Let me count the many ways...I won't list them all or I'd run out of bandwidth or something like that, so I'll list the top reasons.

1. Edges, edges, raggedy edges would be GONE!  I had a cheap-o serger and I loved the way it finished all those raggedy edges, but it was such a pain in the butt to set up, use and then clean that I hardly ever used it.  I have a feeling know that a Husqvarna Viking would be a pleasure to use and set up and all that wonderful stuff.

2.  Those wonderfully cut straight edges that only a serger can deliver.  I am a bit OCD about edges that don't look perfectly straight.  It just bothers me.  I feel like someone could look at the product and think, "She sure doesn't sew very straight, now does she?".  Sergers can cut neat, straight edges while finishing edges and we all know that no matter how straight you sew, sometimes the fabric likes to stretch and get a bit wobbley or the cat jumps up and tries to attach your fabric and you get one or two wobbley stitches.  No one needs to know if you finish with a serger!

3.  Knits.  Yes, regular sewing machines can sew knits, but sergers do it better and more neatly.  They just do.  Regular machines can mimic a stretch stitch, but only a serger can truly serge a stretch stitch.  I have kids, kids and knits go together, I need a machine that will sew them.

4.  It's a Husqvarna Viking.  Need I say more?  I want one just so I can put it up on my mantle as decoration! 

5.  I'm lazy about hand sewing linings.  You're supposed to leave them open so you can turn your project right side out, but then you have to hand sew a ladder stitch to close them up so no one can tell you left it open, like majic.  I usually just fold in the edges and sew it with my machine and it would look so much nicer if I finished it with a serger.

6.  Most importantly, I've just started doing craft shows which means I'm sewing in bulk and a serger would just make the process so much faster and easier!  And I know a Husqvarna Viking would be easy to use and reliable. 

All in all my life is pretty dang good as is, but a Husqvarna Viking serger would sure add some sugar coating to it!

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