Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free Clip Art Sites

I thought I'd share some of the wonderful clip-art sites I've come across.  They're all free, some you can use for anything, some are restricted to personal use--be sure to check the site's policy before using anything commercially.

~Antique Clip Art has free Victorian and Edwardian clip art that's great for decopaging and other crafts


~Burpee seeds has a gorgeous catalogue of old cover art.  The images are just beautiful and go back as far as the late 1800s.  The images are copyrighted, but can be "borrowed" for personal use.

~ Plan 59 has 1950s advertising art.  Very retro, very awesome.  Lots of automobiles and homemakers dressed in aprons and pearls

~David Levine's shares his personal collection of 1930s and 1920s travel ephemera on his site.  Free to use personally and on websites as long as you credit the images to him.


~The Royal Botanic Gardens has gorgeous flower images from the John Day Scrapbook.  All are copyrighted. 

~The Scrap Album has some beautiful scrap albums from the victorian era that are a treat to view.

~Vintage Holiday Crafts has free holiday greeting card images and clip-art and an easy to search data base
nd no free clip-art links would be complete without a nod to Graphics Fairy.  She offers free victorian graphics that you can use for anything you'd like~She encourages it!  She also links to projects using the graphics that have been done by her and others.

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