Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Procion Dyeing

I took a Dye, Stencil and Stitch class at the local art gallery this summer from artist and friend, Robin Mayberry.  I was supposed to make square coasters, but my rebel self decided I like rectangles better and made a set of quilty art hangings.

I had so much fun working with the fabric--the class really sparked something in me!
I came home, got my Dharma procion dyes out and started messing with my own fabrics.

And watercolor paper

 and clothesline and doilies and crochet cotton...
Using last year's driftwood Xmas tree as a drying rack

I even managed to dye the back deck a bit

Ugliest award definitely went to the wedding gown lace
 You never know, though, I may find it's perfect for something.


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