Thursday, June 11, 2015

Zentangle In The Round

I'm a Zentangle newbie.  I took a class just two weeks ago and the number of tangles in my wheelhouse is limited.
I have found that I prefer doing it within a circular border.    
Feeling a bit breezy (the wind is blowing like mad today) and centered, I think.
This one is my favorite so far.
I didn't even see the tree until I was finished.  I was delighted when I found it.
Bacteria has been on my mind lately...hmmmm....
My original idea was to use circular tiles, but I don't have a circle cutter and didn't want to attempt cutting fifty 3 1/2" circles out of 90lb cold press.

I also found that the circles caused my zentangles to become square and I didn't like that.

Drawing a circle for my border within a square provides me with the perfect circular zen that I need.

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