Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Laboratory for my rusty treasure.

I am in love with my latest project.
  I started out with a rusty electric box thingy that I find out on a dog walk and I turned it into... 
A Miniature Steampunk Laboratory
inside view
Outside view with embossed flourishes.
Everything is made by hand using scrap pieces of metal, jewelry findings, and other odds and ends.
Here...lemme show off some more :)

The stool is made from a bottle cap.
The rug is from an upholstery sample I cut up and edged with a zig-zag and finished with paint.
The little blue prints...squeeee!
Check out the mousey skull that I found in an owl pellet last year. 
Perfect for my lab!

A steampunk invention of some sort on the desk.
And don't forget the inside door!

I had so much fun making this little laboratory.
I've had the electric box in my stash for a  year now, quietly waiting for the perfect idea.

When I saw that theme for the August Challenge at Sandee & Amelie's was "In the Laboratory" I knew I had the right project for my rusty treasure.
I do love it when things work out, the glue sticks, the pieces fit, etc!

I'm linking this project to:

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  1. So many rusty treasure, a perfect laboratory
    thank you for your participation at Sandee & Amelie steampunk challenges

  2. Oh dear - this is genius! LOVE this tiny laboratory in the rusty electric box! What a brilliant, clever and creative idea!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us at SASPC!

    Claudia x

  3. I am in love with your latest project too! What an awesome idea - most people would think "junk" and throw it away... you made it beautiful!


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