Friday, July 11, 2014

Me and Daily Life Project. Daily Life Project and Me.

Like many, I started keeping a daily calendar with the Daily Life Project gals at Art to the 5th.

I bought a calendar at our local bookstore, took the cover off and personalized it using the same technique as this art journal.

I was going to be organized (I'm terrible about dates), I was going to art journal more regularly, I was going to follow directions...

And I did, at first.
I added my tip-ins, I followed the challenges, I even remembered to write in a few appointments and remember them.

Then I went berzerker and made it my own.
I paste pictures that I like.
Sometimes I end up with a theme of sorts.
I doodle.
I try out new products.
Giving my gelatos here.
I write menus, save tags and sleeves.
I talk to myself.
 I decorate weeks that haven't even occurred yet.
Isn't that Bear and squirrel card AWESOME!?!

Sometimes I even look up and complete the challenges, I just do it in my own way.

I think the  Art to the 5th Artists would appreciate my using their project as an outline and letting it be a jumping off point for me.

They seem pretty cool like that.

And I do thank them for getting me started on my messiness.
It has helped me to be more creative, not organized so much, but I take full credit for that!

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