Saturday, June 15, 2013

My ICAD Week Two

My offerings for this 2nd round
Prompt: Paisley (from last week)
Watercolor, Sharpie

Prompt: Sun
Watercolor, Two index cards, exacto knife

It's a pop-up!

Prompt: Sun
Watercolor (mask used for pop-up sun), Pitt pens

Prompt: Ivy
Inktense Pencil, Watercolor, Sharpie

Prompt: List of Favorites (my favorite shapes and doodles)
Watercolor and Sharpie

Prompt: Stamping
Fluorish stamps, Clear Embossing powder, watercolor, Pitt brush pen

Prompt: City
Garment Tags, Watercolor, masking fluid, Acrylic paint
Thanks for having a look!


  1. Your icads are brilliant! Love the cut-out/pop-up, and the city, but all of them really...I adore your bright colors!

  2. Somehow I got on the wrong page, but I'm glad I found the right post. I adore (yes, ADORE) the garment tags turned into a skyline. And Resist is great, too.

  3. They are all amazing... the pop up is very special though... I was freaking out at good you were at painting shadows until I scrolled down... loved it...xx


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