Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Love Giveaways!

Checked my email last night and look what I won...
A Polaroid Paper Stack!
It'll be great for some of the paper projects I've got going on right now.
Thank you so much to April at Careless in the Care of God :)

Not too long ago I also won a super cool wooden spoon at Til Death Do Us Part.
"Just a wooden spoon?"  No...it's a Lazy Spoon from Jonathan's Spoons.
Hand crafted cherry. 
It's one of Rachel Ray's Favorite things.

It really is nice.  In fact, we'll be visiting Jonathan's for Xmas!
Cat Tail Spoon.
Yes, I'm entered.  Hee hee hee!


I won this Lotta Jansdotter's Echo Fabric Stash from Noga Quilts
The fabric is divine. 
It's so buttery soft--I can't wait to sew with it!
Not to mention how cool it was getting a package all the way from Israel!
Thank You Noga!

I'm going to return the love and have a giveaway in the near future.
I'm still amassing supplies for it with Alyssa's help.
Stay Tuned!

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