Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Alma Stoller!

 It's artist Alma Stoller's Birthday!

In celebration she's offering her STITCHED 2012 workshop
for only $40 instead $89!  That's like, more than half off!
STITCHED 2012  features 20 fabric and sewing art classes from 20 different artists.
Alma also includes several mini workshops of her own in the deal!
Classes are accessible until Jan 1, 2013.

I'm signed up! 
This summer will be the perfect time to throw myself into some new techniques and projects.

I'm particularly excited about the "The Printed Stash" workshop by Lynn Krawczyk

I've never used Gelli plates before--looks like some messy summer fun!

Thanks to Sewhooked for the link
(one of her paper piecing workshops is part of the series!)

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