Thursday, May 3, 2012

Furry Monster Cupcake

Last month's free pattern was a monster cupcake by Chelsea from Love & A Sandwich.

The original template featured a meaner, more felty, plain-old sprinkle cupcake with a grumpy cherry on top.

That just didn't suit me, so I changed mine into a furry, dweeb, google-eyed, sparkly sprinkle of a cupcake with a heart cherry on top.

Believe it or not, fun fur isn't that hard to embroider.
Just use all 6 strands and go around the raw edge with a little fray check and it works really well!

Thank you Kaely for letting mom sew a cupcake on your jean jacket :)!!

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  1. hi tabitha you won my giveaway and I emailed a while ago, just want to make sure you got it, e-mail me your full name and address and I will get the pack of paper in the mail to you, I have it packaged and just need an address :)

    my email is


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