Thursday, May 31, 2012

Detention Already?

Started my first workshop at STITCHED!
I decided to do the Accordion Photo Book workshop by Penney Klaproth.
The project fits perfectly with a graduation giftie idea I've had in mind for my Kaely.

Great class, great instruction, fab videos, easy to follow...
if you follow?
Big surprise (lol)--I've already broken the rules!
One of the first directions was to cut the "pages" to a particular size.
I'm going with a long, tall version of those guidelines.
And making a mega mess in the process!

I think Penney'd be cool with that, though.
She states at the beginning that it should be uniquely mine and it is!

Bo's not impressed.
He gets in trouble when he doesn't follow the rules or makes a mess.
I guess I craft like a dog? :)

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