Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How To Glitter Neatly

LOL!  A Tutorial from anyone's blog but mine...
I am such a pig when I craft!

I can tell you...
 that the Dollar Tree glitter packs go a long way and our super cool, though.

I glittered up a Dollar Tree sign to add to my kitchen Halloween shelves.
A few skeletons, some "Creepy Cloth" from Dollar tree, and an some graffiti on the "Kiss the Cook" sign and I was set.

Can't forget the mysteriouso concoctions in thrift bottles formulated by Igor Addie.
I let her make some experimental mixes with spices, dish soap, spare skeleton parts, glitter and food coloring IF she finished her math homework.  It's truly amazing what a little incentive will do for homework production!

You can print some spooky labels if you go HERE!


Generate your own poison labels HERE!


  1. Hi Tabitha! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Link parties are a great way to meet new creative people. Your bottles are really great. I'm going to have to spend some time looking at more of your posts!

  2. Oh I love these bottles! Too much fun. Thanks for posting about the giveaway, really appreciate it. Good luck! Riki


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