Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Advent Make-Over

My mom couldn't figure out why I was collecting candy (she has a big stash of assorted goodies for the grandkids) for Advent ALREADY.   Not Christmas--HALLOWEEN ADVENT!  Geesh.
I saw a beautiful, petite, lovely little matchbox cabinet at Shabby Chic Inspired and my morbid little mind saw the framework for something so much more--  a gory, ghoulish, spider-laden Halloween Advent (OF COURSE!).
Lots of glue and paper and measuring and time, but it'd be worth it!
I could just goo up this little 99 cent find from Goodwill.

It's a little blah, but it has little box drawers that fit perfectly, open easily, it's pre-decorated, it's only 99 cents and it's complete.  Blah, but complete.

Glue gun, spare parts fixable!
First, I ventured into my Halloween box and got out a bunch of STUFF.  You know what I mean...all those Dollar Tree toys and decorations you couldn't pass up, sale items from last Halloween, and left-over trick-or-treats that weren't candy.
Stretch rats, for example. 

Then I turned on the hot glue gun and went to work...

Much better!  Now I just need to load with more Candy!

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