Friday, April 15, 2011

Collage Challenge

I couldn't decide which amateur (and ghastly) photo I should choose.

I ended up with this one as my flickr choice... 
Picture may not be so great, but I'm really happy with my results.

I used a scanned image of a postcard from my Great Uncle to my Great Aunt and photoshop doctored it a bit.  Green Paper posts images every month for her collage challenge.  Give it a try!

You have to use something from all the images posted.  This is how I used them...
  1.  Architectural Image:  Photoshop doctoring...I added it to the left hand corner of the postcard with the name of the building AND I used the post stamp from the image
  2. Young Girls Portrait:  They're now sitting on the postcard with little wings. I gave their dresses a watercolor wash to brighten them up and added some glitter for bling.
  3. Spring Clip Art:  I cut out the birds, brightened them with some watercolor and blinged them with glitter too.
Alyssa thought my rendition was a bit dark with the old postcard and the, what appear to be, dead girls with angel wings.  Hadn't really thought that far yet, but she may have something there.  Hmmm...well, that's mom. 

Alyssa dinked around in my art room while I worked (that's why it's so messy). 
Do I really have to get out EVERY supply I own to do one collage?!

A big THANK YOU to her boyfriend, Steve, for continuing to work on my backyard while Alyssa and I were being creative! 
I'll be linking this project to:


  1. Such inspiring creativity Tabitha - clever choice of colouring, composition & great idea to use the postcard. I love how the front girl is resting her hands on the postmark, with the second girl behind the postcard. The addition of glitter & wings are perfect. The whole balance of the piece is wonderful. Can you tell that I like it?

    daisy xx

  2. Love that glitter bling and the way you colored the girls picture, really nice!


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