Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maybe I Should Build My Own

Cruising around blog-o-ville yesterday I spotted Shanty2Chic's totally awesome, I-want-it-NOW Craft Table that she built on her own!

Are you jealous?  Is it amazing, or what?!  I love it.  It's just the right height and check out all that storage.

Free plans.  Hundreds of free plans for very stylish, solid furniture.  She even includes an estimate for materials and pictures of finished pieces.  Office, craft room, kids room ,outside, you name it.

The estimate for Shanty2Chic's Craft Table is only $100-$150.  That's an incredible price AND it can be made in a day. 

I'm not usually into building stuff, but I'm not a complete moron when it comes to power tools and wood.  I'm truly drooling over some the craft room designs...maybe I should make a DIY weekend soon?

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