Monday, April 12, 2010

A Bazillion Years Later...

I've been blog lazy, but I'm making a reappearance.  Sometimes I get so busy with kid stuff, house stuff, and life stuff that I don't take the time to post.  I really enjoy posting on my blog and showing off my little creations, though.  I like to make things just to do it~it makes me feel good.

My latest just-for-me triumph was running my first 5K ever!

I ran in in 30:50 which was awesome for me!  The best I've ever done on my own is 38:00~I guess that adrenaline really did kick in.

I was very tired though!  Thank you to my friend Janel next to me at the finish line.  She's been pushing me and inspiring me over the past few months.  She even let me vent during the last nasty 1/2 mile.

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